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Once you have collected all nine pieces of the laboratory map, you gain access to the secret lab ray. Mitch349 goes there each day. He records the results of all experiments in his daily journal. Here are some excerpts from his log:

day one:  changed from a Christmas Grundo to a Shadow Grundo

day two:  gained four hits points (from 8 to 12)

day three: gained four strength points (from frail to quite strong)

day four: goes down to level one (but he was level one)

day five:  gained four movement points (now super speedy)

day six:  changed to Green Grundo

day seven:  gained three movement points (now lightning)

day eight: goes to level one (but he was STILL level one)

day nine: gained two levels (now level three)

day ten: gained two movement points (now Mach 1)

day eleven: changed to a Red Flotsam

day twelve: changed to a Blue JubJub

day thirteen: gained two maximun hit points (from 12 to 14)

day fourteen: gained one movement point (now Mach 2)

day fifteen:  gained two levels (now level 5)

day sixteen:  gained two levels (now level 7)

day seventeen:  gained two levels (now level 9)

day eighteen:  gained two levels (now level 11)

day nineteen:  gained two levels (now level 13)

day twenty:  gained two levels (now level 15)

day twenty one:  gained three strength points (from quite strong to very strong

day twenty two:  changed color from blue to red

day twenty three:  changed color from red to yellow

day twenty four:  gained three strength points (from very strong to immense)

day twenty five:  gained two levels (now level 17)

day twenty six:  changed color from yellow to red

day twenty seven: changed color from red to blue

day twenty eight:  gained 2 movement points (now Mach 4)

day twenty nine:  he changes sex (now female)

day thirty: changed to Yellow Scorchio

day thirty one: gained 2 movement points (now Great (22) )

day thirty two:  looses 2 levels (now level 15)

day thirty three:  changes color from yellow to Christmas

day thirty four:  gained 4 maximum hit points (now 18)

day thirty five: