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There are currently 127 books in Neopia.  They are as follows:

101 Negg Recipies                                                   

Acara Facts
After the Battle (a Faerie book)
Aisha Book
All About Air Faeries
All About Dark Faeries
All About Earth Faeries
All About Fire Faeries
All About Light Faeries
All About Lupes
All About Water Faeries
A New Day (a Faerie book)
Arts and Crafts with Lupe
A Tale of Two Lupes                                                        

Basic Mathematics
Basic Survival Skills
Battledome Guide
Battle Ready! (a Faerie book)
Big Book of Puzzles
Big Foot
Billy Blue Hat
Bird Watching
Breathe (a Faerie book)                                                       

Care of Koi
Caring for Eyries
Caring for Your Neopet 1
Caring for Your Neopet 2
Caring for Your Neopet 3
Caring for Your Neopet 4
Caring for Your Neopet 5
Chia Book
Choosing Kacheeks
Curious Korbats
Cybunny Care                                                                        

Defence for Unis
Dont Call Me Cute                                                                     

Faerie Tales
Falling Leaves (a Faerie book)
Feeding Lupe
Feed Koi
Fighting Fire with Fire (a Faerie book)
Fountain of Youth (a Faerie book)                                           

Geometry Level 1
Geometry Level 2
Geometry Level 3
Goodbye Mel
Goumet Cooking for Your Pet
Grarrls are Great
Green Thumb Guide
Grundo Tales
Guide to PetPets                                                                      

How to Ride a Bike
How to Stay Fit                                                                             

In the Dark (a Faerie book)
Inside the Mind of Lupe                                                               

Jubjub Know How
JubJub's Day
Jump into the Future                                                                    

Kacheek Book
Karate for Beginners
Kau Pastures
Kickin Kikos
Know your Motes
Know your Trading Cards
Knowing Moehogs
Koi Tales
Kougra Classics                                                                           

Learn Social Skills
Learn to Fly
Learn to Swim
Life Behind the Bow Tie
Light of Day (a Faerie book)
Little Book of Puzzles
Looking Like a Moehog
Lovely Lenny
Loyal Lupes                                                                               

Map Reading
Maps of Neopia
Moehog Matching
Moehog Poetry
Mote Magic
My First Book
My First Faerie
My Garden Book
My Zafara and Me
Mysterious Book                                                                         

Neopian Encyclopedia (a-e)
Neopian Encyclopedia (f-j )
Neopian Enclclopedia (k-o)
Neopian Encyclopedia (p-t)
Neopian Encyclopedia (u-z)

Playing with Fire (a Faerie book)
Poetry for Peophins
Poogle Pages  
Pteri Pop-Up Book                                                                                

Quick Reference Dictionary
Quiggle Facts                                                                                

Robin Lupe                                                                                    

Science is Fun
Scorchio Book
Sinister Skeith
Speak Moehog
Starting Spells                                                                                  

Tear Jerkers
Techo Says - The Book
Terrific Acaras
The Art of Sword Fighting (a Faerie book)
The Big Book of Karma (a Faerie book)
The Book of Ice (a Faerie book)
The End of the Tunnel (a Faerie book)
The Green Book (a Faerie book)
The Wonders of Water (a Faerie book)
Time Travel
Top Tuskaninnys
Training Your Moehog      
Train Koi                                                               

Unique Unis                                                                                  

Very Hungry Caterpillar                                                                

Watch Out
When All Else Fails (a Faerie book)
When the Wind Blows (a Faerie book)
Wonderful World of Gardening
World Class Wockys                                                                      

                    as of 05/30/2001